Chliopsis linearis, Theodore Payne Sales Yard

Desert Willow, Chliopsis linearis, Theodore Payne Sales Yard


I’ll be teaching the Three-Part Design Class at The Theodore Payne Foundation starting this Friday, September 12.

Friday, September 12, 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Theodore Payne Foundation
10459 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352 (map), 818-768-1802
Here’s what TPF says about the class:
“This comprehensive  three-session course for home gardeners offers a sound foundation in design styles and process, the importance of sustainability and how to model a garden after patterns in nature. Students will devise a base/plot plan, implementing knowledge of hardscape materials, irrigation, soils and more. Prior to the class, students will complete a preliminary questionnaire and warm-up exercise for their site. In addition, students are asked to bring photos of their site and a baggie of the site’s soil to the first day of class.”

Theodore Payne classes fill up quickly, so you may want to preregister by calling them  at 818-768-1802.

Here is their Calendar.

P.S – Not all California native plants are desert plants – this is only one of many sections of Theodore Payne’s sales yard.  Dry Shade and Riparian (riverbank, or moist areas) are two of my favorites.


Bofe Instructors

‘Greener Gardens: Sustainable Garden Practice’ starts Monday Evening, March 31 at UCLA Extension.   It is still possible to register for this class.  This class will meet at The Learning Garden at Venice High School, not at UCLA.

I teach this class with co-instructor David King.  People who take this class will get the benefit of the breadth of experience that each of us brings to sustainability in the garden.  This class fulfills an elective for the certificate programs in both Horticulture and Global Sustainability.

We’ll be covering sustainable design, soils,  swales and earthworks,  appropriate use of greywater and rainwater harvesting, along with the basics of native and drought-tolerant planting.  All aspects of sustainable backyard food will be addressed.

Following is a quote from the UCLA Extension website:

“Sustainability is today’s buzzword and many people seek to create a lifestyle with a more favorable impact on the environment. From home and school gardens, to commercial sites, our gardens present the perfect place to start. Designed for horticulture students, gardening professionals, educators, and home gardeners, this course focuses on turning your green thumb into a “greener” garden. Topics include composting, irrigation, water harvesting, water wise plants, eating and growing local produce, recycling, and moving away from a consumptive, non-sustainable lifestyle when choosing materials and tools. … “

I’m pleased to teaching this class for the fifth year with David.  He is the founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles and the Gardenmaster of The Learning Garden.  He teaches for both UCLA Extension and for the Master Gardeners, as well as frequently lecturing and writing about gardening.  He blogs at LA Garden Blog.

Here’s a link to UCLA Extension page for the class, which is still open: