California Native Plant Retail Sources
for the greater Los Angeles area

Additional Online Resources

Where to Learn about California Native Plants and Ecosystems

Article: 5 Deep-Rooted Native Plants for South and West-Facing Slopes

Mulch Sources that Deliver
in no particular order and without endorsement, as service and quantity provision vary

  • Soil and Sod Depot: Pacoima,  818-686-6445, 12437 Osborne St., Pacoima
    Allows you to look at different mulches at yard.
  • Foothill Soil: Sylmar,  661-254-0867
  • Whittier Fertilizer:  Whittier, 562-699-3461
  • Calblend: Irwindale, 800-425-3631
LGM Mulch and Favorite Potting Soil for CA natives:
  • LGM brand Shredded Cedar Mulch
  • LGM Cactus Mix is my favorite potting soil for our native plants because its base is part oak leaf mold and it is fast-drainng.

LGM products are produced by a local company (Rosemead) and are only available bagged at independent nurseries or delivered  through your contractor or designer.

Native Food Resources

Water Saving Strategies Handout

  • Handout (pdf) for my Green Native Gardens and Water! talk at the  At Home with Natives 2012: Solutions for Nature Friendly Landscaping  Symposium on 10/13/12 at Saddleback College. The document may be  cryptic to those not present at the symposium.  Find additional links here.

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