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Greener Gardens: Sustainable Garden Practice will start June 27 at UCLA Extension and runs through August 22.  This class is one of the elective classes for the Gardening and Horticulture Certificate Program and the Sustainability Certificate Program. Instructors are Orchid Black and David King.

This course covers a wide range from theories of sustainable design, to soils, water harvesting from swales and earthworks, to rain tanks and greywater, easy and effective gardening for vegetables and fruit, native and drought tolerant planting palettes, habitat creation and more. We will look at the landscape from a watershed perspective and see how the larger perspective affects our microclimate.

We take field trips to demonstration gardens and the L.A. River.

What can we change as individuals to live a life more in harmony with natural processes?  How can we, in this year of abundant rainfall make changes and improve our immediate surroundings – and how can we lead by example in our own gardens?

Students have told us this course features more than just a few “Aha” moments!

Meeting in 325 Botany Building on UCLA Campus this quarter. Now that we are at the end of our historic drought, many folks are thinking “business as usual,” but from our perspective as instructors, this is the very best time to look at some of the issues that we can change without feeling like we are under the gun to HAVE to change.

Enrollment data includes:  Greener Gardens: Sustainable Garden Practice   6/29/2017 — 8/24/2017    BIOLGY    X 498.10   Reg#: 368168 11 mtgs  6:30 to 9:30 PM