Mirabilis californica and Artemesia californica

Wishbone Bush, Mirabilis californica, and California Sagebrush, Artemesia californica

Jennifer LaPlante and Steve D’Auria’s Sierra Madre garden will be on the Theodore Payne Garden Tour for the 5th year this Sunday!  The Tour runs from  from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The Theodore Payne Garden Tour features 41 gardens across the Los Angeles area during two days.  This garden is number 36.

This year, the 33 native edible species are featured in the garden, with information about each on a handout.

Here is what TPF wrote about the garden:

“Terraced with local stone, this steep, narrow 12,000 sq. ft. garden, begun early 2011, includes Zen water features, permeable paving and swales amid both formal and woodland plantings. The warm colors of the hardscape create a welcoming atmosphere where people gather and learn about unusual plants local to the San Gabriel Mountains. An abundance of wildlife finds sanctuary here, including cougar and bobcat.”

While a small part of the garden is narrow, the woodland gardens are expansive. The garden  hosts goldfinches, woodpeckers, scrub jays, squirrels, deer, bears and bobcats! It features a wildflower meadow ringed by coast live oaks.

Restoration of the local ecology was an important purpose in creating the garden. It features local native plants and 90% are species local to the area. Many are rare. It features plants such as the Humbolt Lily, Lilium humboldtii, Dudleya lanceolata and D. cymosa, the local Coral Bells, Heuchera caespitosa, and the Soaproot, Chlorogalum pomeridianum.

Four beautiful fountains by Stonemason Bruce Goss evoke the many streams, rivers and seeps of the San Gabriel Mountains.  See his Flickr Gallery, and find more photos on Facebook.

To see beautiful photos of the work in progress by artist/photographer A. Fanto, go to http://afanto.com/ansg/.

Ranunculus californica in Sierra Madre Garden 2.jpg

California Buttercup, Blue-eyed Grass, Clustered Field Sedge and Yarrow