January 2015

New, Rare and Unique Native Plants or your Garden
with Antonio Sanchez at Eaton Canyon Nature Center

Native plants are growing in popularity, and it seems you can find a few common plants in almost any nursery. Names like Ceanothus ‘Yankee Point’, Island Snapdragon and Deer Grass are quickly becoming familiar to many gardeners around the state, but what about the other over 5000 native plants that have either never been tried in landscapes or have very little history of being used in gardens? In this lecture, Antonio Sanchez (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden) discusses many new and unique native plants for the garden. From hard to find California desert and alpine plants that are only now becoming available in nurseries to plants from Northern Baja California that only a few folks have had access to, Antonio will discuss dozens of plants and their possible uses in your garden.

CNPS San Gabriel Mts. Chapter
Eaton Canyon Nature Center
1750 Altadena Blvd.Pasadena, CA 91007


pond medReturning Rain to the Aquifer Beneath Us: Simple Water Infiltration for Sierra Madre
We do get rain in Sierra Madre, and when it comes, we throw most of it into the storm drain. Our wells are running dry, so we’re drinking imported water. Meanwhile, the cost of cleaning up pollution in stormwater is projected to cost the County $120 billion (SGV Tribune), which will be passed onto cities. “It will be millions and millions of dollars for each city…” (Monrovia Mayor Lutz, chairwoman of SGVCoG’s water committee.”
We can do better. This program will show simple ways to detain water on site and infiltrate it back in to the aquifer. Orchid will show examples of swales, earthworks, cisterns and other rainwater harvesting methods that can be used to store water on site, creating a better environment for plants to grow and helping to re-fill our aquifer and our wells.

Location City Hall, Council Chambers
232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Contact 626-355-7135