I will be speaking at the At Home with Natives 2012: Solutions for Nature Friendly Landscaping  Symposium tomorrow, Saturday, October 13,
at Saddleback College, Health Sciences Building, Room 145.

Here’s what they wrote about my talk: Green Native Gardens and Water!

“Must all our rainwater run down the storm drains? Sustainable native garden designs must respect and treat water as the rare life giving element it is. Let’s see ways to keep this valuable resource and even collect it for use:  swales and earthworks that are meant to keep water on site, appropriate rainwater harvesting, and practical irrigation.”

I get to share the stage and a panel later in the day with the following wonderful people: Joshua Link and Aron Nussbaum, Bob Allen, Ron Vanderhoff, Barbara Eisenstein, Barbara Eisenstein, Dan Songster

For more information, look on the Orange County CNPS website.