Metabolic Studio Public Salon:
Orchid Black
Friday, June 18, 2010 @ Noon
Free Admission

Oak our Mother, Acorns our Food: Preparing Acorns to Eat

Acorns have long been a food staple of Northern Hemisphere peoples for whom gathering and preparing them was an important communal task. In that spirit of sharing work and wisdom, join native plant expert Orchid Black for her introduction to the history and culture of this highly nutritious food. In a hands-on workshop we will identify different oak species, leach and grind flour, and eat yummy acorn cornbread.
PLEASE NOTE: Because this salon comprises a talk and workshop it will last longer than usual, ending around 2.30pm

Image: Shelled Acorns in a Pine Needle Bowl Handmade By Jim Otterstrom, © 2007. Courtesy Jim Otterstrom

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Find downloads of how to process acorns and a book list on the Resources page under Acorn Resources.